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We want to get you involved in our modern, moving, sexy city. Athens is not a patchwork of ancient artifacts. It is not a stopover to some (undeniably gorgeous) islands. It’s an ever-evolving, dynamic habitat to 5 million people, each one pretty fascinating in their own right. We challenge you to live, love, play and-- if you are so inclined--perform here with the rest of us.

Our staff will be thrilled to show you all that Athens has to offer. We hand out a plentitude of free maps, festival schedules and generous advice at our reception. But feel free to venture out on your own, get yourself lost and discover something new.



Baba Au Rum
The best cocktails in Athens. Look no further.
Booze Cooperativa
One of the top alternative places in town with several exhibitions organized regularly. Smoking is encouraged.
Couleur Locale
Drinks'n'snacks with the most amazing view! The roof bar on the 3rd floor operates throughout the whole day.
Cantina Social
A bar that actually never made any publicity for itself other than word-of-mouth. Check it out, good prices and indie music guaranteed.


Lycabetus Hill
The highest spot in Athens overlooking the entire city. Either hike to the top or ride the funicular. The views are FREE.
Acropolis/Parthenon area
What can we say about this magnificent world heritage monument? Only 15' on foot from City Circus.
Acropolis museum
A must visit. The most important findings and everything you need to know about the Acropolis in one gorgeously designed building.
Panathenaic Stadium
Built for the first modern Olympic games in 1896. It is the only stadium on the world which is entirely made of marble. Designed and built the very same way the ancient stadiums used to be. Don't miss the chance to enter, there's no other place like this. Note that it is open to runners daily until 9am.
National Archeological Museum
This is the biggest and most important museum of Greece. It exhibits findings from several geographical regions and civilizations. Check opening times in advance.
Filopapou Hill
A park pretty much untouched since ancient times. Free to the public at all times, offers one of the best views of the Acropolis. Also ideal for jogging enthusiasts.
Chandelier street
Funky lamp shades and chandeliers light the street at night and decorate the otherwise shabby street of Pittaki.
Museum of Islamic Art
The Benaki Museum collection of Islamic art, which includes examples of all its local variations from as far as India, Persia, Mesopotamia, Asia Minor, the Middle East, Arabia, Egypt, North Africa, Sicily and Spain, ranks among the most important in the world.
Museum of Cycladic Art
Ready for some minimalist ancient art from Cyclades? The building itself, the exhibits and the well stocked museum shop rank this museum between the must-do places to visit.
The National Garden
Formerly a garden belonging to the royal palace. Since the day the palace was turned into the parliament building, the garden has been opened to public. It is like a tropical paradise right in the middle of the concrete jungle of Athens. Perfect for strolling around in the shade and discovering all the hidden spots and ancient remains scattered around.


So much more than your typical kebab. Mr. Kostas makes only one thing in his eatery but he's reached perfection. 9-5 only, weekends closed.
Le Greche
The best gelato in town. Period.
Bakery of Psirri
24 hours bakery is baking the legendary "koulouria" - round bread with sesame - which you can buy from vendors all over Athens.This place is busy all night and especially sought at dawn by those who spent their night out in nearby bars and clubs.
Central market of Athens
The hectic, colourful Athens agora (market) is the highlight of the vibrant Athinas market district. It’s a sensory and gastronomic delight, with an amazing range of olives, spices, vegetables, fruits, cheeses and deli treats. The historic meat market, with hanging carcasses illuminated by swinging light bulbs, is a surreal highlight.
Gostijo kosher
The only kosher restaurant in Athens
The best falafel in Athens.
Home-made Greek cuisine. Yummy and authentic (and inexpensive).
Authentic and delicious. All grilled on coal and all hand-made. Look nowhere else - this is the spot.


Cine Thission
Open from May till October, this open-air cinema is truly unique. Watch an old-timey movie with a night view at the Acropolis.
This area, developed around an old gas factory has become one of the current hotspots in Athens.
Empros theater
Free, self-managed theatre with interesting performances and festivals of audiovisual art.
There's nothing better than to let yourself indulge in Hammam baths after the whole day on your feet. Reservations needed http://hammam.gr/en/
Escape room
Challenging experience! Test your brain and find your way out of these rooms. Available in English. Reservations: http://greatescape.gr/en/
Are you in need of a hairdresser? Check out these guys on the opposite corner. They're good. And they can make your nails, too.
The Greek Kitchen
Want to learn the know-how of Greek cuisine? Cooking classes, food tours and workshops with these guys are not only budget friendly but also fun. https://www.greekkitchenathens.com/


Diskadiko - Vinyl store
Vinyls of all kinds at very low prices. For those who still fancy the good old fashioned records.
Kilo shop
High quality second-hand clothes and accessories. Priced per kilo. Open seven days per week all day long. It's a must for those, who like unique clothing.
Sabatar Hermanos/Jabones Natureales
Amazing soap shop with some of the best smelling natural soaps and beauty products in a very colourful setting.
Alternative grocery, gluten-free, natural and organic products.
Thomas shop
Unique porcelain objects from Greek production - "off the tourist hordes" style.
Treasure House
Vintage clothes, shoes and accessories. Unique pieces at affordable prices.
The poet - Sandalmaker
Hand-made leather sandals with lifetime warranty and individually adjusted to the needs of your feet.
Mobile phones, sim cards, chargers, adaptors, cameras, batteries, notebooks, tour guides, maps, games and plenty of English books.
Flea Market
antiquities of all shapes, sizes and kinds..


Georgios Pogas Pharmacy
Fully equipped pharmacy with English speaking staff. Open every day except for Sundays.
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